Starlight Facial Cleanser


A Gift Of Nature’s Wonders

  • Warming and stimulating
  • Cleanses deep and tones
  • Good for all skin types


A Gift Of Nature’s Wonders

Starlight facial cleanser stimulates the circulatory rhythms of the face and neck. It is warming and stimulating. Cleans deeply as it tightens and tones, visibly lifting sags and lines. Contains not only the physical properties of nature but also the unseen ethereal energies. A good feeling prevails. Wonderful for all skin types.
Now in a larger 8oz bottle!
Ingredients: Unconditional Love! Vegetable glycerin, castile soap, aloe vera gel, raspberry vinegar, and melissa hydrosol; Essential oils of German and Roman chamomiles, melissa, and lime; Flower essences of walnut and honeysuckle.