Hydrosols are the aromatic waters produced when plant and flower materials are steam distilled. They are often thought of as the secondary product of essential oil distillation – water with pizzazz! Jeanne Rose, my teacher and mentor coined the word hydrosol.”Hydro” meaning water and “sol” solution. The art of “the invisible being made visible” as Jeanne describes. These aromatic waters are the product of steam distillation process and contain the water soluble, volatile components of the plant that often give the fragrance quite like essential oils but not as strong. The gentlest form of aromatherapy.

We organically grow and wildcraft the plants used in our distillations on our Christmas Tree Farm, Starr Pines in Boonville Missouri. Our copper still is a classic. Very different from stills you normally see. We use an indirect method of distillation. The boiler and still body were purchased at auction, old moonshine equipment that we have converted to our aromatherapy needs. The condenser we created by encasing a copper pipe in a PCV tube. Cold water from our deep well is hosed into the bottom of the condenser and released at the top. Distilling of our “Hillbilly Hydrosols” brings great joy. The hydrosols we distill are used in many of our skin care products.

Uses: Spritz a hydrosol to tone and refresh skin and emotions. Use instead of water to mix facial masques. Great with steam, saunas, hot tubs and body wraps. Hydrosols also can be used in cooking and soap-making – the possibilities are endless.

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